“I’ll try to prepare for the championship of Ukraine” – CBS TV STREAMS

The captain of the men’s biathlon team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchny commented on the early end of the season due to a positive test for COVID-19.

– While I’m in Nove Mesto, I’m going home tomorrow. I will be treated there, I don’t want anyone from the team to get sick. Yes, and being treated at the World Cup stage is not the best choice. It was not possible to go home today, so I’m leaving tomorrow morning. I live alone in a room, practically isolated, I don’t contact anyone. Our doctor gave me a bunch of medicines, so I’m being treated. It seems that everything is fine, the state of health is not catastrophic. We tolerate.

– A few words about plans. Have you completed the season?
– I think yes. I completed my performances at the World Cup. Unless I get better very quickly, and if the team needs me. As for Östersund, I doubt it. Yes, and I doubt Oslo. I will try to prepare for the championship of Ukraine. Maybe I’ll run some races, maybe that’s all. Because I have a thirst for starts. And my season was so short.

This, of course, frustrates, and I want to start. If I recover quickly, I will start at the Ukrainian Championship, so as not to forget what a competition is. I am glad that I was able to compete this season at the World Championships, because this is the main start of the season. I prepared for it and I think I did it pretty well. Unfortunately, it was not possible to extend the season qualitatively, so this is a little disappointing.

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2023-03-06 17:18:00


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