“In every race I try to correct previous mistakes” – CBS TV STREAMS

26-year-old biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Anton Dudchenko shared his thoughts on his role as a leader in the team at the 2023 World Championships in Oberhof, Germany.

“I will not say that there was pressure on me. I focus on my work. I try to do the best I can. In every race I try to correct previous mistakes.

A few things have been improved from last season. For example, in prone shooting, I started shooting a little faster. Of course, a big loss in distance.

Here, a large reserve needs to be improved somewhere. It’s hard to fix anything during the season. I think that during the summer training it is necessary to analyze, change, in order to add at a distance, ”Dudchenko said.

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2023-02-20 05:40:00


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