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The biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Artem Tishchenko commented on the 5th place in the relay at the eighth stage of the World Cup in Östersund, Sweden.

– Firstly, I was pleased that Juraj Sanitra put me in the squad. I haven’t run a relay at the World Cup for a very long time, and I really wanted to try myself. I believe that I coped with the stage: I shot quite quickly with one spare, it was hard on the track, but I fought as hard as I could. And 20 seconds of loss per stage … I used to lose more. In general, I am pleased with how I managed to run.

– Was the first stage a surprise? After all, it seems that Artem Prima “booked” him, who was also in the squad today.
– Yes, but we have “changed” stages with him before. The first stages are familiar to me, so I, frankly, counted on him today.

– Within three weeks you had to change time zones twice, each time at 6 o’clock. How did you deal with it?
– When we arrived in Canada, it was probably quite difficult for the first three days. Woke up at night, couldn’t sleep. But upon returning to Europe, he adapted quite quickly, and there were no big problems over time.

What about the change in altitude? In fact, in Canada you got a mountain camp with competitions. Do you think it helps now?
– Yes, in Canmore we competed at an altitude of 1400 meters. Of course, the difference is felt: in the mountains there are different sensations, it is always more difficult to run. But I was afraid that it would be hard for me here: at the IBU Cup I had to do six races in eight days – there was considerable fatigue. But here I feel pretty good.

– For many fans, your speed in the last month is a big surprise. So you kept it from us before?
– Well, I didn’t work all year for nothing – I tried, I was very motivated. And, of course, I’m glad that we managed to improve the speed and increase the stability of the results.

– Is the accuracy lost a little with an increase in speed, is it interconnected?
– I do not think that the reasons for the misses are in this. This season my stand was not so stable – at the beginning of the season there were also failures. If he shot well prone, with the exception of the prostitute in Östersund, then something is a little lacking in the standing position.

– For the last place, we saw some very high-quality races in your performance. Which of them would you like to highlight for yourself?
– The World Championship is a special competition in general, besides, I managed to show a good result there, 12th place. But in Kenmore, I am also very pleased with the fact that I managed to perform consistently, without failures, in all races. Yes, and today’s relay race, the race for the team, will also be remembered. Therefore, it turns out that all races are special.

– What are your hopes for Holmenkollen?
– There is one stage left, and, of course, I want to spend it on a good note, so that later I can finish the season with a clear conscience. I also want to confirm a good speed on the track and finally shoot zero – something that has not been possible for many races, – said Tishchenko.

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