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On February 27, Jake Paul (6-1, 4 KOs) lost for the first time – Tommy Fury (9-0, 4 KOs). Tyson Fury’s brother turned out to be a little better, but received a fitting rebuff from the blogger.

Thousands of people were waiting for Paul’s defeat. He lost to the boxer, but in a very close match

Jake Paul is an amazing boxing figure. It seems to be constantly giving a show. Moreover, there are so many of them before and after the fight that absolutely everyone discusses the fight. In addition, he hits non-nonames. The list is solid: Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley already twice and Anderson Silva. Moreover, Askren and Woodley fell into knockouts (Tyrone only once), and Silva was knocked down.

But they still don’t like Jake. For the most part, boxing fans agree that Paul is not a boxer, but a hype eater, that it all looks very bad and, in general, he will lose to the first full-fledged boxer he meets.

It’s just not clear if MMA fighters are so much worse than boxers that they constantly lose to Paul? Okay, here, too, you need to look individually. Askren was not prepared. He entered the ring in terrible shape, lost immediately, and then suffered for a long time in the comments, saying that he disgraced the entire MMA.

Woodley – getting ready. In general, he looked good in the first match. He drove the opponent around the ring and hit so hard that it seemed that this asshole was about to fall. But it didn’t work out. And in the second, Woodley himself lay down. Conspiracy theories have already begun here that this is a deal, but here it is already worth leaving the result to the thoughts of the fans and your personal conclusions.

The fight against Silva was generally not easy. Anderson, although a deep veteran, has not forgotten how to fight. For a second, in front of Paul is the former UFC champion who beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. He is not only young, compared to Silva, but also a former world champion. And then he knocked out Tito Ortiz.

In fact, Jake might not have won, but in an equal confrontation, a knockdown, in which Paul sent the opponent, decided a lot. And here, too, there were conspiracy theories – they say there was no hit there, and Silva fell just like that. So Jake even bought the legend?

As a result, no one likes Jake. Almost. And everyone was waiting for his entry into a full-fledged boxer, who turned out to be Tommy Fury. The boxer is mediocre, there are no names of even Paul’s rivals in the record, but he is loud, like a brother. And the last name is the same, although not Tyson’s brother, but a cousin – that is, a cousin.

Surprisingly, Jake was still the favorite. At least the bookmakers have a 1 to 2 ratio. Fury’s record and skills did not surprise those who are willing to pay money for a bet. Even despite the constant story that Jake would lose to the first full-fledged boxer he faced. And even despite Tyson’s promises not to let Tommy go home if he loses. It is unlikely that they live together, but it sounded loud.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Jake Paul (left) and Tommy Fury

At the same time, stylistically both athletes (Jake and Tommy) are rather mediocre. Good novice boxers with certain skills and their own characteristics, but in a purely boxing way, one should not expect any show. Either Fury will beat Jake, or he will catch his opponent with a counter blow, as he did with Askren and Woodley. That’s all you could count on from a boxing show. Everything else is a perfectly executed management, which sold the fight all the way to the whole Saudi Arabia, where they give money just for the name. Jake’s name has already grown to such shows.

In the ring, what most people dreamed of finally happened, which included the fights of Jake Paul – the American met with a real boxer and lost to him. All as predicted, all for real. Hefty man with skills knocked everything out of this young trash talker. Or not?

Of course not. In general, if a draw had been given in a duel, many would have been upset, but they would hardly have protested. Because Tommy turned out to be about the same as expected – normal.

Fury did well in the opening rounds. He both hit and went forward. In general, Jake definitely felt that he simply would not. The opponent is good, strong, not afraid of him. And not a pensioner who is about fifty or Askren, who, it seems, was not going to box at all.

But Paul wasn’t about to give up. Surprisingly, the American joined the opponent, began to throw jabs in response and hit. The jab, in general, is not Paul’s strongest side, but the Briton ate him over and over again from the third or fourth round.

Jake’s right overhands didn’t work at all. In general, the right hand did not fly as often as he would like. Because Fury both covered and defended and did it at a good level. Professional boxer, everything as everyone wanted. But Tommy missed, and enough. There was no talk of any destruction or beating. In exchanges, the advantage was on both sides. In a shootout with jabs, everything is smooth. Although Fury’s jab looked more like a boxer, or something, Jake also hit often, cleanly and quite hard.

An equal confrontation in which you can give in both directions. In the final round, Jake also found a jab that knocked down an opponent. Whether loss of balance, or from a blow – there is no difference. There was a hit, there was a fall. The referee counted out on the case. In response, Fury took the other part of the round: he was more active, more accurate and pinched the opponent well several times.

A draw or a win for Fury – both options would be normal. The judges saw Tommy win by split decision. Of course, Jake didn’t win. But he did not lose as devastatingly as thousands of people promised him.

And what’s next?

Tommy Fury is in the top 40 WBC cruiserweight rankings. What does it give? In addition to the fact that the Briton is now in the rankings – nothing. Will make his way to the title for a long time, if he ever gets there – the Briton did not make the impression of a top fighter. And the guy is only 23 years old. There’s just a lot of time.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Tommy Fury

And it looks like Tommy will get double the fee. According to the wager, Fury would turn down the money if he lost, but would receive double the royalties from Jake Paul for the win. So far, the American has always kept his word.

Jake can either fight the Brit one more time or go further. He has a contract with the American PFL MMA League, big plans for MMA and a desire to shut up Dana White. It remains only to choose an opponent. Among others – Nate Diaz, whom the American called as a possible rival, most often.

But it is quite possible that Jake will want a rematch. They will definitely find and earn money, and Tommy will probably never earn as much as with Paul. Do you want to see such a box again – no. But their first confrontation never seemed necessary. And it’s how it came out.

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