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Briton Tommy Fury (8-0, 4 KOs) will become the first rival of Jake Paul (6-0, 4 KOs), who can finally be safely recorded as a full-fledged boxer. Not a former mixed martial arts champion with a good punching base, not just an athlete who supposedly should beat a non-martial arts athlete. And a full-fledged boxer, engaged in boxing and performing only here.

Is there any chance for Paul to resist this? Or vice versa – will Tommy cope or not?

They should have already boxed, but the fight was cancelled. Then Jake got a whole Anderson Silva

Just imagine. A duel of two avenues. One is 23, the other is 26. Both have not lost yet. Both know how to knock out opponents. They look like healthy guys. Highlights from one of them are everywhere. And the attention of the public is huge. A description of a fight between Felix Trinidad and Fernando Vargas, no less. But no – this is about the confrontation between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul.

They should have boxed a few months ago. But they didn’t agree on the finish line – Fury wanted a change in terms of weight and the fight was canceled. As a result, Jake met with Anderson Silva. The legendary Brazilian mixed martial artist returned to boxing in 2021 and immediately beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. The decision of the judges was separate, but, in fact, the 47-year-old ex-champion in MMA piled on the young one.

In the next fight, Anderson met with Tito Ortiz and closed the issue brutally – by knockout in the first round of an eight-round fight. That is, the veteran went into battle against Jack in full combat readiness. And the fight was the same. In fact, besides the knockdown, which Jake nevertheless vouchsafed, the Brazilian had no frankly bad moments. He crushed the overall opponent, and closed him in the corners. Jake’s head flew enough, and some even believe that Paul lost. But the victory was still given to a young blogger or ex-blogger.

After that, the show inherent in bloggers and the Fury family began. This is where Tyson and his family are in perfect agreement with the younger generation – this is in dozens and hundreds of statements that have nothing at all. In fact, Jake and Tommy signed a contract after Floyd Mayweather’s boxing night. Before his fight against Deji, they put on a long naked show. Tommy’s father was undressing and threatening to attack the talkative American. Fury Jr. was not far behind either.

Does it make it even more interesting? Absolutely not. But this is somehow intriguing. This is how people will react to them, watch and pay for tickets. Because this is not a boxing show. It’s just a show. Boxing is not in the first place here. This is a showdown in which two big guys will hit each other.

Buy it only and exclusively because both are well known. Jake Paul – as a separate unit. Tommy Fury – as a boxing person and bearing this surname. By itself, he would not be of any interest in general, and as an ex-blogger.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Tommy Fury and Jake Paul

To get the most out of a not-so-sporty show, the fight is even organized in Saudi Arabia, which is ready to pay as much as it takes to get used to them and bring money. Jake will multiply the fortune by another nice amount of funds. Tommy will earn like never before. Maybe like never before.

Even Tyson took part in the promotion. He said that if the younger loses to this guy, he can stay in Saudi Arabia – they won’t let him go home. Here is another promise that will not be kept. Show and nothing else.

Who is the favourite?

You will not believe. Or maybe you believe. But Jake Paul is still the favorite to fight the first professional boxer he has to fight. You can bet on a blogger for 1.60. On Tommy Fury – for 2.30. Nice difference and great suggestion for those who don’t believe in Jake.

And why? Jake actually has the best resume. Just compare Paul’s last three opponents: Tyron Woodley (win by decision), Tyron Woodley (win by knockout), Anderson Silva (win by knockdown). And now Tommy Fury has three: Jordan Grant (win by decision), Anthony Taylor (win by decision), Daniel Bochansky (win by decision). Even with a discount on the fact that the first three are not specialized boxers, it is Jake who has the record that looks more powerful.

And that’s exactly why we come to the conclusion that being a boxer is not enough. Everyone so wanted a fight against a full-fledged boxer. They said he would carry Jake. There is Tommy Fury with such a record and there is no certainty that he will cope. Because it’s not enough to be a profile boxer. You have to be a good boxer too.

Is that the case with Tommy Fury? Partly, yes. He has a good jab, strong power punches. Trite – he is an athletic guy, well-built, ready to fight if necessary. Is he much better than Paul? Previously, not much. It’s hard to judge before entering the ring, because young guys evolve from fight to fight. But in the previous confrontation, Tommy did not hit.

As is Jake. He boxed against Silva normally. He won with difficulty, thanks to a knockdown. I did enough to win, but I could do better, given that he trains constantly.

As a result, there will be a lot of people in the hall and a crazy atmosphere. There will still be enough talk and shows during the release. And the usual normal boxing in the ring. And after him, with any result, there will again be so many conversations, as if Mayweather returned and knocked out Terence Crawford.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury will take place on February 26 in Saudi Arabia. Estimated start time of the battle is 23:00 Kyiv time.

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