“Jima will try to fight for the mass start” – CBS TV STREAMS

Oleksandr Kravchenko, head coach of the Ukrainian women’s biathlon team, shared his expectations from the last stage of the World Cup in Holmenkollen, Norway.

“What can girls please themselves at the end of the season? How best to perform. All questions about the season are almost resolved.

We just need to go to the sprint. Run back and take normal places to start in the Pursuit. And there already on their own capabilities – who has what left, because everyone is tired. We will see the performance in the sprint, and after it we will see what happens next.

One can only wish for marksmanship, because the conditions at the shooting range these days are not very simple. There is enough snow, but it is not fast, some kind of “stupid”.

The temperature is good, minus and sunny weather, but the wind at the shooting range twists, now in the face, then to the left or right. Somewhere from 4-6 m/s.

I think that Julia Jima will try to compete for the mass start. We’ll see how the sprint and persuit go.

I think that at the last stage it is already possible to be patient a little, to get out, because almost all starts have already been completed, only Bukovel is ahead. There will be time before him. Although we will see after the road,” Kravchenko said.

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2023-03-17 08:50:00


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