Jules SIMON: “Disappointed with my shooting” – CBS TV STREAMS

Biathlon World Cup overall leader Julie Simon commented on the third place in the mass start at the stage in Östersund, Sweden.

“Of course, I am disappointed with my shooting, but a place on the podium is not easy, so I am happy with today’s result! Missing the last shot was certainly redundant. My goal for the race was to finish in the top 3, and I achieved it. From the beginning, I decided to run at the head of the peloton and get the most out of the start, tune in to shooting so that every shot was natural. In the end I got a medal, so happy with the race!

I have a good physical shape, although after the coronavirus I did not hope for it. In the individual race it was hard for me, but I think it was because of the cold weather, because today I felt good. I may not have shown my best speed, but it was enough to get on the podium. I hope for good results next week, warmer weather is promised in Oslo.

Recently, our team has shown incredible results – it pleases! We are all in good shape and ready to fight with the stronger ones. Today, our hard work has paid off, which is very nice!” Simon said.

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2023-03-13 01:45:00


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