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Biathlete of the French national team Julie Simon commented on the victory in the pursuit race at the 2023 World Championships in Oberhof, Germany.

“Real madness. This is my first personal victory at the World Championships. Deniz and I had an interesting fight. I started the race away from the leaders, of course, I believed in my chances, but the mistakes of my opponents came in handy. I am glad to win in Oberhof – there is just an incredible atmosphere here. Emotions are overflowing.

I love wrestling, it’s even easier for me to work on fire with high quality when my opponents are shooting nearby. I was focused and confident, this time I was able to win despite the miss. I was very lucky when Denise missed again on the last firing shot – I even breathed a sigh of relief. Sorry Denise.

Just an incredible day, I really enjoyed the race. Of course, at the start of the pursuit it is better to be as close to the leaders as possible, but it works a little differently for me – the worse my position, the better I focus on my performance. The more rivals around, the faster I accumulate all the forces to achieve the goal. I intended to make the race as good as possible, but on the example of the pursuit in Kontiolahte, I understood that everything is possible.

In addition, I chose the right tactics – from the start I kept a high pace at a distance, and after a clean prone shooting, I took a risk and quickly worked on standing shooting, hoping to win in the fight against Deniz. The skis worked very well. I think this season I have a good physical shape – yes, I’m not always the fastest on the track, but every time I can fight the fastest girls.

I am also grateful to my team – without their quality work it would not have been possible to achieve such success. So this gold medal is not only mine, it is a reward for all of us,” Simone said.

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