Metalworker – Kolos. Forecast and announcement for the match of the championship of Ukraine

In the 19th round of the Ukrainian Premier League, a duel between Metalist and Kolos will take place in Uzhgorod. Kharkiv residents have not known the joy of victory for eleven games in a row, and the players from Kovalivka are firmly entrenched in the middle of the standings.


Before the eyes of the standings of the teams of the championship of the country this season of the Premier League after the 7th round. Metalist Kharkiv is third behind Dnipro-1 and Shakhtar. Then I thought, are we really witnessing the revival of the Kharkiv club, which many have dreamed of, and Metalist will be a real competitor to the leading teams in the country?

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But, alas. Since then, the Kharkiv team has already scored … four points and rolled into the basement. Below only Lviv, which has four points less, but still has one match in hand. But we all know that going up is much more difficult than falling down.

Indeed, from the point of view of the tournament situation, the affairs of Metalist are very bad. Although, at the same time, neither the coaches nor the players themselves seem to be discouraged. In any case, in their latest interviews there is no hint that they have come to a critical point. Moreover, there is even some optimism, which is good news.

The Kharkiv team filled the pause in the championship with a test match against Dnipro-1, drawing 3:3. Pryadun scored twice and Ryazantsev scored one goal. In addition, it became known that Metalist signed the Spanish defender Roberto Corral. But Peritsa Ognenovich has several more legionnaires at his disposal, as well as experienced Ukrainian football players. So maybe not everything is lost for Kharkiv citizens and they will interrupt their losing streak?


Wards of Yaroslav Vishnyak this season play, let’s say, not particularly brightly, but somewhere even modestly. They have 6 wins (four with a score of 1:0 and two with a score of 2:0) and 5 draws, which allowed Kolos to firmly gain a foothold in the middle of the standings. And, at the moment, it is not so important that in terms of the number of goals scored (15), the team from Kovalevka is among the outsiders. The main thing is that while there are points and there is a necessary result.

For example, after the winter break, Kolos lost away to Kryvbas 0:1, then defeated Rukh away with the same result, and then lost to Minai at home, conceding the only goal at the very beginning of the meeting . But in the standings, the Kovalevites are still in 6th place with 23 points.

During the forced break in the Premier League, Kolos also played a test match, but with the team of the first league LNZ (Cherkassy). And again the score was 1:0. The Kovalevskaya team lost, this time they were scored at the very end of the match. By the way, former player of Kolos Vladislav Nekhtiy excelled in that game, who later also managed to play for Metalist Kharkiv.

Match statistics

Opponents met in the Ukrainian Premier League only once. It was in the first round of this season in Kovalevka. The home team then won with their favorite score 1:0. The only and winning goal in the second half was scored by Sergei Myakushko. There was another duel between these teams in the 1/8 finals of the Ukrainian Cup in the 2021-2022 season. In Kharkiv, Metalist won with the same result 1:0. The goal was scored by Alexander Mizyuk.

Approximate compositions:

Metalist: Ermolov, Romanyuk, Gunpowder, Pati, Kartushov, Tchaikovsky, Panasenko, Demchenko, Korkishko, Boychuk, Pryadun

“Ear”: Volynets, Kravchenko, Chobotenko, Goncharenko, Yemets, Bogdanov, Smirny, Orikhovsky, Bolbat, Myakushko, Bezborodko

Forecast for the confrontation:

Victory is now more important for the Kharkiv team, and therefore they will certainly make every effort to achieve it. Let’s bet on Metalist to win. What account do you think? That’s right, 1:0.

April 1, Saturday

“Metalist” – “Kolos”Uzhgorod. Stadium “Vanguard”. 13:00 TV broadcast on UNIAN TV channel and on Football Hub YouTube channel Referee:

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