“My goal at the World Championships was one medal” – CBS TV STREAMS

Biathlete of the Swedish national team Martin Ponsiluom commented on winning the silver medal in the mass start at the 2023 World Championships.

“The last lap was very hard. I spent a lot of energy on the fourth lap, so at the finish line my legs began to fail, and when Sebastian went on the attack, I had nothing to answer.

I was very worried about Johannes, I did not hear the coaches because of the noise around and adrenaline. I was able to relax only when I myself did not see Johannes from behind, then it became clear that the silver would be for me.

My goal at the World Championships was one medal, and we won it in the relay. So I was relaxed and just enjoying the race. I turned on the maximum speed from the very beginning and keep it until the end.

Of course, it was not easy, the conditions on the track were not the best, but I love challenges. The day went flawlessly. I tried to keep my concentration throughout the championship and every time I showed my maximum on the track.

In the first races, I had good chances, but due to mistakes in the last shooting, I missed the opportunity to get on the podium. I finally took full advantage of the chance and got the medal I wanted,” said Ponsiluoma.

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