Nazar VOLOSHIN: “Congratulations to Yatsyk on his debut”

Midfielder “Dynamo” Nazar Voloshin after the away victory over FC Lviv (2:0), he shared his thoughts on the game and talked about the adaptation of young players in the first team.

– What are your impressions after the game with FC Lviv? What worked and what didn’t?
– Impressions after the match were good, positive, because we won and won three points. And about the fact that we didn’t succeed, the coaches will say.

– Usually matches after a pause associated with the matches of national teams are given with difficulty, so it was more important to win?
– Yes, it was a little hard, but we were able to rebuild and show good, high-quality football. We must constantly win and get more points, no matter the circumstances.

– Didn’t the fact that the opponent was on the last line in the standings reassure? Have you thought about how easy it is to win?
– No, we do not look before the match, which of the opponents is in what place. Every team in the UPL is fighting and also wants to win. Therefore, all our opponents are always motivated, especially in the match against Dynamo.

– Dynamo created many dangerous chances during the match, and it seemed that the score should be higher. Two goals scored do not fully reflect your advantage on the field?
– Yes, indeed, we had many chances, but I think it doesn’t matter how many goals we scored – the main thing is that we won, this is the most important thing. As they say, it is enough to score one more ball than the opponent.

– Dynamo is also changing little by little, young players are increasingly being attracted to the main squad, for example, Yatsyk made his debut yesterday, earlier you, Tsarenko and Dyachuk. How is the adaptation process going, are you fully accustomed to the requirements in the first team?
– I can say that the adaptation process is still ongoing, it does not go quickly, it takes time to fully get used to it. As for Yatsyk, I congratulate him on his debut and wish him further success in the team.

– Mircea Lucescu noted at the press conference that the field was difficult, was the decision to hold the match at the SKIF stadium an attempt by the opponent to neutralize Dynamo’s advantage in technique and combinational play?
– Yes, the field, indeed, was not in very good condition, but I will not be original, saying that it is equally difficult for us and for the opponent.

– Was it Lucescu’s 100th match at the head of Dynamo, or is it especially pleasant to win in the mentor’s anniversary match?
– In fact, before the game we didn’t even know that the match against Lviv would be the 100th for Mircea Lucescu, but after the match we saw the news about it, and, of course, it became even more pleasant.

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2023-04-03 12:28:00

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