“Nothing good can be expected in Ukrainian football”

Well-known Ukrainian journalist Roman Bebekh commented on the re-election of UAF President Andrei Pavelko to the UEFA Executive Committee.

“Andrei Pavelko has been elected to the UEFA Executive Committee. 4 years. Nothing good can be expected in Ukrainian football.

The last time I felt this way was when the presidential elections in Ukraine were held and Viktor Yanukovych won them. And then, too, there was the same disappointment.

For me, this undermines all the canons of UEFA. That this structure is impotent, which does not follow, does not keep abreast, does not shoot what is happening. All people in Ukrainian football understand what chaos everything is in. However, the struggle continues, I think that this story is not over,” Bebeh said.

Pavelko was re-elected despite the problems with the law that he has in Ukraine.

The UEFA Congress is taking place in Portugal today, at which UEFA President Ceferin was re-elected for a new 4-year term.

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2023-04-05 11:39:00

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