Nove Mesto-2023. Dudchenko took 17th place in the sprint – CBS TV STREAMS

In the Czech Nove Mesto, the men’s sprint race started the seventh stage of the Biathlon World Cup.

Anton Dudchenko became the best in the Ukrainian national team, who cleared all 10 targets and took 17th place.

Also, Dmitry Pidruchny and Artem Prima ran into the end zone, they have 32 and 35 places, respectively.

The entire podium was occupied by the Norwegians. Johannes Boe extended the winning streak in sprints, the second was Tarja Boe, and Vetle Christiansen closed the top three.

Race results:

1. Johannes-Thingnes Boe (0+0) 22:39.6
2. Tarjei Boe (0+0) +30.0
3. Vetle-Sjastad Christiansen (0+1) +1:15.2

17. Anton Dudchenko (0+0) +2:08.3
32. Dmitry Pidruchny (2+1) +2:36.7
35. Artem Prima (1+0) +2:40.6
43. Bogdan Tsymbal (0+1) +2:50.1
75. Denis Nasyko (2+0) +4:02.0

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2023-03-02 22:32:00


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