Nove Mesto-2023. Jima finished 13th in the pursuit – CBS TV STREAMS

In the Czech Nove Mesto, a women’s pursuit race was held as part of the seventh stage of the Biathlon World Cup.

Yuliya Dzhima became the best in the Ukrainian national team, who took 13th place with two penalties in the passive.

Both Anastasia Merkushina started and finished 26th, she had 1 miss. But Daria Blashko did not run into the end zone due to her weak speed and five penalty laps.

The top three was the same as in yesterday’s sprint: Norwegian Marthe Olsby Royseland won the race, her compatriot Ingrid Tandrevold became second, and Frenchwoman Anais Chevalier-Boucher closed the top 3.

Race results:

1. Marte Olsby Roiseland (0+1+0+0) 29:22.7
2. Ingrid-Landmark Tandrevold (1+0+0+0) +2.2
3. Anais Chevalier-Bouchet (0+0+0+0) +15.3

13. Julia Jima (2+0+0+0) +2:07.7
26. Anastasia Merkushina (1+0+0+0) +2:56.0
55. Daria Blashko (1+0+1+3) +6:16.6
DNS. Elena Bilosyuk

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