Nove Mesto-2023. Jima was 11th in the sprint with a personal best of the season – CBS TV STREAMS

In the Czech Nove Mesto, a sprint race among women was held as part of the 7th stage of the Biathlon World Cup.

Ukrainian Yulia Jima overcame the distance without a single miss on two firing lines and took 11th place in the final protocol. This is the best result of the Ukrainian national team in the personal races of the World Cup this season.

Showed the same time at the finish line Anastasia Merkushina And Elena Bilosyuk – they have a common 26th position. This is the best result for both biathletes this season.

Daria Blashko became the 43rd, which allowed her to get into the number of participants in the future persuit, where, alas, she will not participate Lyubov Kipyachenkova.

The sprint winner was Marte-Olsby Røiseland from Norway, who over 20 seconds overcame the nearest pursuer.

World Cup. Nove Mesto (Czech Republic). Sprint, women

1. Marte-Olsby Roiseland (Norway, 0+0) 19:28.4

2. Ingrid-Landmark Tandrevold (Norway, 1+0) +20.5

3. Anais Chevalier-Bouchet (France, 1+0) +29.3

4. Dorothea Wierer (Italy, 0+1) +35.4

5. Vannessa Voigt (Germany, 0+0) +36.7

6. Denise Herrmann-Wieck (Germany, 1+0) +38.5

…eleven. Yulia Jima (Ukraine, 0+0) +45.9

…26. Anastasia Merkushina (Ukraine, 1+0) +1:32.7

26. Elena Belosyuk (Ukraine, 0+1) +1:32.7

…43. Daria Blashko (Ukraine, 0+0) +1:53.3

Lyubov Kipyachenkova (Ukraine, 1+2) +2:43.6

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