Nove Mesto-2023. Johannes Boe won the Persuit, the Ukrainians did not get into the top 30 – CBS TV STREAMS

In the Czech Nove Mesto, a men’s sprint race was held as part of the seventh stage of the Biathlon World Cup.

The first two places after the sprint were retained by the Norwegian Boe brothers. Johannes won and Tarjei finished second. Swede Martin Ponsiluoma climbed to the third step of the podium.

Ukrainian biathletes finished outside the top 30. The best in our team was Bogdan Tsymbal, who took 31st place with three misses. Anton Dudchenko and Artem Priva have 38th and 39th positions, respectively, while Dmitry Pidruchny did not start.

Race results:

1. Johannes-Thingnes Boe (0+0+1+1) 31:25.1
2. Tarja Boe (0+0+1+0) +34.6
3. Martin Ponsiluoma (0+3+1+1) +1:11.0

31. Bogdan Tsymbal (1+1+0+1) +3:46.1
38. Anton Dudchenko (2+1+1+2) +4:35.0
39. Artem Prima (0+2+1+1) +4:36.8

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