“Now I just caught a wave” – CBS TV STREAMS

Biathlete of the German national team Benedikt Doll commented on the third place in the sprint at the last stage of the World Cup in Holmenkollen, Norway.

“In sprinting, clean shooting is always important, and lately I have been feeling confident on the firing lines. All thanks to the shooting range in Östersund – it’s a pleasure to work there.

Today I managed to combine good shooting with high speed on the track – this allowed me to climb the podium again.

Now I just caught a wave, although we have been looking for it throughout the season. It is a pity that the peak of form did not fall on the World Championships in Oberhof, but I am happy with every successful result. All have their pros and cons.

Yes, Martin Ponsiluoma and I challenged the Norwegians in the overall standings, and now we are fighting each other for honor. Today he finished higher than me, it should not have happened.

However, we are performing at a very high level, this season could be the best in my career – I’m happy with that,” Doll said.

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2023-03-17 09:00:00


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