OFFICIALLY. Dnipro-1 winger moved to Sampaio Correa

23-year-old Brazilian Dnipro-1 winger Bill will continue his career in his homeland, where he signed a contract with the local Serie B club Sampaio Correa.

The Brazilian club does not disclose the details of the deal, but according to the Transfermarkt portal, Bill moved to Sampaio Correa as a free agent, signing a full contract.

Bill moved to Dnepr-1 in February 2021. First, the Ukrainian club rented a winger from Flamengo, and at the beginning of 2022, they issued a full buyout of the legionnaire’s contract for 300,000 euros. In total, Bill played 18 matches for the sports clubs, in which he scored 1 goal and 2 assists.

After the start of the full-scale phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Bill refused to play in Ukraine, and in the last year, on loan, he played for the Brazilian Sport Recife and Internacional Limeira, as well as for the Latvian RFS.

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2023-04-05 07:51:00

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