“Only Chernomorets plays like that. Aggressive, one on one”

After the 2-2 draw with Chornomorets in the UPL match, Shakhtar’s coach Ihor Jovičević noted the playing style of Roman Hryhorchuk’s team, which shows aggressive pressure.

– What did the team lack to score the winning goal in the second half?
– First of all, it was an expectedly difficult match. It always happens after the matches of the national teams, because the players return in varying degrees of readiness: someone played both matches for the national team, someone – one half or did not play at all. Until the players catch the pace and rhythm of the game again, the first match is always dangerous. Everyone is talking about this, and this is not demagogy, but a simple fact. And there are matches where you lose points and we lost points today. But in terms of the game, I think that we didn’t close the score in the first half, when we had much more opportunities: in the first 20 minutes there were 4-5 chances, which we closed in the best matches, knowing that in the second half, somewhere, fatigue would come to the first plan and implementation will be suboptimal. We lacked the last blow, creativity and implementation, especially, I’ll say it again, in the first half, although we didn’t control the game as much as we wanted, because it’s difficult, because Chornomorets is the only UPL team that offers a one-on-one game one all over the field, with high pressure. All the time one on one – it should be a run-around, dribbling. It’s exhausting and you have to be fresh for a match like this. Today we lacked a bit of freshness to keep up with this pace. They offer aggressive football, and in the first three games of the spring, Chornomorets showed what they are capable of. Many more teams will lose points here, and Chornomorets will still fight for points. But there is one point. We wanted to win here through “I can’t”, although there were a little less chances in the second half than in the first. Let’s draw conclusions, analyze, the team will have a rest – and there are 12 more finals for us. This is true because many teams are fighting for the highest place that everyone wants. However, okay, we are ahead by one point, and we will prepare for Metalist.

– If we compare Chornomorets, which you defeated in September, and today, are they different teams?
– Yes, there are several other players who change the picture, but the style of Grigorchuk, the coach, whom I must praise, offers an aggressive, one-on-one game model. Few teams in Europe play in such high pressure one-on-one and you have to be ready, you have to be fresh to respond to that kind of aggression because dribbling is more draining. There was such a match today, especially in the first half, when the ball went back and forth: there was no control – neither on their part, nor on ours. Because they don’t let you stand and control the ball, but they constantly attack you – and you have to take the ball under pressure all the time. An uncomfortable match, I must admit. But, I say, not everyone plays like that. We go from match to match and think about how to score points, which is very necessary for us, because we want to make our dream come true.

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2023-04-02 16:33:00

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