Ostersund-2023. Ukraine took 9th place in the women’s relay – CBS TV STREAMS

In the Swedish Östersund, a women’s relay race was held as part of the eighth stage of the World Cup.

The national team of Ukraine, which was represented by Yulia Dzhima, Elena Bilosiuk, Daria Blashko and Anastasia Merkushina, took 9th place.

The Ukrainians used only four spare cartridges, showing one of the best quality work on the firing lines. However, at the same time, our compatriots lost too much to their rivals in terms of skiing.

The Norwegian biathletes won the race, the French women took the second place, and the winners of the German representative closed the top three.

Race results:

1. Norway (0+4) 1:08:00.7
2. France (0+7) +15.2
3. Germany (0+7) +27.2
4. Italy (0+7) +49.0
5. Sweden (0+10) +1:10.9
6. Austria (0+3) +1:53.8

9. Ukraine (0+4) +3:12.9

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