Ostersund-2023. Ukrainians with the best shooting finished 5th in the relay – CBS TV STREAMS

The men’s relay took place in Östersund, Sweden, as part of the eighth stage of the World Cup.

The Ukrainian national team, which was represented by Artem Tishchenko, Artem Prima, Denis Nasyko and Anton Dudchenko, took 5th place, which is the best performance in relay races this season.

For four, the Ukrainians used four spare cartridges, showing the best shooting accuracy among the 22 teams that took part in the race.

The Norwegian team won the race, the French biathletes took the second place, and the Germans got to the finish line third.

Race results:

1. Norway (0+7) 1:09:12.4
2. France (1+8) +22.5
3. Germany (1+10) +37.4
4. Sweden (0+10) +59.8
5. Ukraine (0+4) +1:17.2
6. Austria (0+10) +1:34.2

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