“Perfectly fulfilled the plan for the race” – CBS TV STREAMS

29-year-old Norwegian biathlete Johannes Boe commented on the victory in the sprint at the seventh stage of the World Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic.

“I have won every sprint of the season and winning this discipline at the last round in Oslo could be one of my goals. It would be a significant achievement and I will definitely try to do it. Today I recorded one Small Crystal Globe in my asset, and now I’m looking forward to the rest of the races. I think after 6 wins in 6 sprints during the season, no one will doubt that this is a well-deserved globe.

Perhaps if Sturla were here, the results of the race would have been different, but the gap today was minimal. Even in a performance like mine today, you can always improve something: shoot seconds on the track – on turns and climbs, make smaller pauses between shots, spend less time preparing for shooting, get to the mat faster.

Of course, all this is a risk. But today I had a good plan for the race – I did it perfectly. Tactics for the pursuit race will be familiar to me – from the start to take a high pace and try not to overwhelm everything in prone shooting.

I will be happy if I can hit 9 out of 10 prone targets. I think Tarja will shoot clean, so after my miss, we will continue the race, working in pairs,” said Johannes Boe.

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2023-03-03 13:14:00


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