PHOTO. The world champion appreciated the cut. Usyk supported Minay in Turkey – CBS TV STREAMS

Ukrainian boxer Oleksandr Usyk, world champion in three versions in heavyweight, supported the players of Minai, together with journalist Oleksandr Denisov, the organizer of the Winter Cup 2023, signed on the T-shirt of the Transcarpathian club and took a photo for social networks.

​Minaj football players punished the players of the Yaroslavl “shinnik” in a mass brawl during a training camp in Turkey.

The incident occurred on the evening of February 13, as a result of which 4 players of the rashist team at once have suspicions of fractures. When the kapats came to understand the players of “Minaj”, it did not bring anything good for the Orkostans. In the morning in the hotel on the face of the Russians, traces of yesterday’s battle were clearly visible.

In the morning, “Minaj” went to training, and the administration decided to evict the “shinnik” from this hotel. Many representatives of the “shinnik” licked their wounds in the first-aid post. The players of the “shinnik” urgently took off their equipment and evacuated from the hotel while the “Minaj” was training.

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