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Mexican Gilberto Ramirez (44-1, 30 KOs) quickly returns after an inglorious defeat from Russian Dmitry Bivol. The Mexican gatekeeper Gabriel Rosado (26-16-1, 15 KOs) will become the new rival of the Mexican, who went on the record of Floyd Mayweather, but never got to him.

Why does he need this fight and does the Mexican have any prospects at all?

Ramirez spoke about the need for his fight with the tops, including Canelo. But lost to the first of them

Visually, Gilberto Ramirez looks like a terrible test for any opponent. Dimensional, long-armed and powerful. Height is 189 centimeters, arm span is 191 centimeters, no fear of going into the wheelhouse and a record without defeats. Somehow he looked like this to the public before the confrontation against Dmitry Bivol.

In turn, Bivol is not so overall, but more versatile in attacks, more intelligent and non-standard boxer. But this does not always guarantee victory. Just like normal brute force, of course.

If the duel seemed intriguing and interesting, those thoughts ended almost immediately. After a few rounds, it became obvious that Ramirez was simply not pulling. Neither technically nor at the pace of the confrontation. Not at all.

And it’s amazing. Because it’s one thing not to pull out an opponent at speeds or footwork – this is understandable, because everyone has their own strengths. And the other is to calmly hand over the fight to him, without trying to drag him into his game.

Throughout the fight, Ramirez stupidly pursued his opponent without a thought. I went forward, I didn’t understand what to do, I tried to hit hard, but I ran into fast and hard blows. That’s it – the plan ended there, although it was clear – Ramirez’s forte is in the middle distance, in the clinch, where you can load with weight. Where you can show more strength than reason.

For this, Gilberto was smashed by most fans and experts in the United States. They said and wrote that he just went to play by the opponent’s rules and did not try to change the situation. However, not everything is so clear. Sometimes it happens that a counterpart simply cannot do anything with you. It looks like this was the same case.

The Mexican did not have time so much that he simply could not change anything. After all, “just go ahead” is the advice of people who have no idea how it should look like. Ramirez only did what he went forward, but did not have time. All the time he received in response, did not get it, and could not technically and physically counteract such an opponent. The question here is not desire, but opportunity. Ramirez is just worse than Bivol, that’s all.

And it’s interesting in the sense that this guy was included in the list of some of the best boxers in Mexico. And everyone wanted to see Canelo Alvarez vs. him or Benavidez – the same powerful attacking boxer.

Getty Images/Global Images Ukraine. Dmitry Bivol and Gilberto Ramirez

And it is also interesting that the confrontation against Alvarez could have turned out to be more interesting and competitive. There are several reasons for this. First, Saul’s style does not aim to move in response to multi-hit. Namely, this raised too many questions for Ramirez. Secondly, most likely, the fighters would have to fight in a heavier weight category. And there Alvarez is generally inactive. And here already the fans would get a real Mexican wheelhouse, in which everyone can fall – because we saw that Bivol rocked his opponent well more than once. That’s how it is when styles create a duel.

However, now Ramirez is rolling back and going up against 37-year-old American Gabriel Rosado. The American has been boxing since 2006 and has long been a notably beaten fighter. Gennady Golovkin, Peter Quillin, Jermell Charlo, David Lemieux, Joshua Clottey, Willie Monroe, Martin Murray, Daniel Jacobs, Bektemir Melikuziev, Jaime Munguia, Shane Moseley Jr., Ali Akhmedov. This is a record of quite top Rosado rivals in recent times. Among them all won two – Clotti and Melikuziev.

The second victory in general is one of the main upsets of 2021. Then Gabriel entered the ring as a giant underdog, only after losing to Jacobs against an undefeated puncher. And knocked him out. Gabriel was knocked down in the first round, and in the third he met his opponent so hard that he did not rise before the end of the countdown.

But after that, the American lost already three times, although he never did it too hard, and in the confrontation with Shane Moseley Jr., one of the judges saw a draw in general. Why such an opponent to Ramirez? Did he have much better rivals before Bivol? It is generally accepted that Gilberto defeated someone. At least that’s what his fans say. But before Bivol, there was a good Sullivan Barrera on the decline – after that he did not enter the ring. Jesse Hart, Maxim Bursak, Arthur Abraham. Which of them is better than Rosado, given either their level, as in the case of Hart and Bursak, or their condition, as in the case of Abraham? Nobody.

The Mexican returns to the opponent of his usual level. Not very dangerous, but with a name. Rolls back to the middle of a career, in fact.

And who is the favorite?

The victory of Gabriel Rosado is immediately the main upset of the year. It is hard to imagine such a gap in any fight that is planned for 2023. You can bet on Ramirez for 1.07, on his opponent – for 17.

It’s completely understandable why. Rosado is six years older. Less overall – seven centimeters lower and the arm span is less than nine centimeters. It has long been beaten-killed, although sometimes it shoots with unexpected results. That’s exactly what Gabriel should be counting on.

On the result in the style of fighting against Melikuziev. To meet somewhere, charge towards you so that you don’t get up. Moreover, Ramirez likes to shove forward and allows himself to be beaten – this was shown by Bivol. It holds up well, but it’s not perfect. There may be a chance.

But, if you do not dump, there is no chance. Gilberto will simply take its toll with activity, precision and quantity. But what will happen next is unclear. Without correcting mistakes, the Mexican will again lose to a more trained opponent. Guaranteed.

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