“Removal just turned us on. We are more united”

Kryvbas midfielder Klim Prykhodko commented on the victory over Veres Rivne (2:1) in the match of the 19th round of the Ukrainian Premier League.

– Today is not quite the usual composition. How hard was it without the guys constantly playing in the first team?
– I can’t say that. Our team is one big family. Everyone fights for each other. And it’s normal when someone falls out and someone else comes out. It’s not a problem. We will all fight together in every match.

– You get yellow, red cards, penalties in every match. If you continue like this, there won’t be enough players until the end of the season…
– This is not a question for me anymore. You know who it’s more for.

Did you feel this tension? After all, it was very hot on the benches. Do you feel it on the field?
– I wouldn’t say that. Before the red card, there was no tension at all, we were just trying to play football. Yes, it didn’t work out the way we wanted. But after the removal, it became a little more tense and harder, but we still survived and scored ten more. Congratulations, well done guys.

– There was an impression that this removal only turned Kryvbas on.
– This is true. We rallied more, we said that we would fight for everyone, for Ustimenko. Everyone will fight for two, for three. It’s not a problem.

– Yuri Vernidub already had a team with men. Today he said that you, too, are men. How important is such a characteristic from the head coach to you?
– He knows better, yet he sees it from the other side. We are pleased, of course, we fight. We are Kryvyi Rih residents – we will fight to the last.

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2023-04-03 08:55:00

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