“Rotan-style – aggressive play by the first number”

23-year-old Oleksandriya forward Andrei Kulakov spoke about the style of the team’s head coach Ruslan Rotan.

– Did Rotan’s coaching approach surprise you personally?
– The arrival of Ruslan Petrovich to Oleksandria was one of the reasons why I chose this club. Because we all talk in football circles, about his style and coaching methods, about his football. So I can’t say I was surprised. Just confirmed my expectations and pleased.

– The hashtag “Rotan-Style” is found on the Internet. What it is?
– I have been in the team for a month and therefore I literally cannot describe what it is (laughs). But, as far as I understand, this is an aggressive team that plays first, controls the game through good football and gives results.

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2023-04-05 11:58:00

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