“Satisfied with the shooting. Very exciting emotions” – CBS TV STREAMS

Ukrainian biathlete Lyubov Kipyachenkova commented on her debut as part of the Ukrainian national team in the relay race at the World Championships.

– Difficult weather conditions, are you satisfied that you managed to cope with them?
– Yes, that’s enough. Shooting especially.

– How was it on the track, did you manage to work with someone in the contact race or did you have to work on your own?
– I started on my own, and then I caught up with my rivals, fought with them, tried to keep up with them, but to stay close.

– Due to what did you manage to work out well on the firing line?
– Probably, I managed to work because I tried to discard my excitement and work out the way I did in training, to transfer my emotions and training work to the competition.

– How do you like the atmosphere of the World Cup?
– Probably, it can be compared with my first Youth Olympic Games. Where I was for the first time at international competitions. And here it is something incredible, very exciting emotions.

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2023-02-19 05:53:00


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