“Sirens in Ukraine don’t scare me”

23-year-old striker of Zorya Luhansk and Panama national team Eduardo Guerrero, whose rights belong to the Israeli Maccabi from Tel Aviv, told why he decided to move to the Ukrainian club, despite the war.

‒ Head coach Patrick van Leeuwen invited me to the team. I came to Ukraine, among other things, because Patrick taught me a lot. At one time, he believed in me, that I could become a good football player. He knew my qualities, he knew my style, he knew what I needed on and off the field. Coach has always helped me a lot.

By the way, Raymond Atteveld (Zorya’s assistant head coach) was also my coach at one time, so they knew me. I am very glad that I work with such coaches, with such players and in such a team as Zorya.

“We are in a bloody war, and only the brave can come here at this time. Did you have any doubts and warnings when you gave your consent to Zorya, and what did you actually see in Ukraine?
‒ Coming to Ukraine was a difficult decision because of the war. But I knew the situation, talked to my family, and only after that I made a final decision. I wanted to play. I try not to focus my thoughts on the situation. God decides everything, and I really hope that there will be peace in Ukraine in the near future.

The last few months have been relatively calm. Yes, I heard sirens, but this is normal when the country is at war. Moreover, I was in Israel – the sirens were also there and everyone knows what to do when they sound. It doesn’t scare me.

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2023-04-04 09:59:00

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