“Sport is part of politics, no matter what anyone says” – CBS TV STREAMS

27-year-old biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Daria Blashko commented on the suspension of Russian and Belarusian athletes from international competitions.

– I think the elimination is logical, because Russia started the war during the Olympic Games. Let the main events have already ended, the Paralympics were underway, but this does not change the fact that the main principle of the Olympics was violated: the guns are silent while the competition continues. Or, for them, persons with disabilities are not people, but the principles of the Games can be safely violated? I really respect the IBU for their position, when such difficult and important decisions were made almost immediately after the attack on Ukraine. The International Biathlon Union has shown once again that it is independent of anyone in making such important decisions.

– What can you say about the position of the athletes themselves, who are not at all embarrassed by the very fact of the war, the death of thousands of people?
– Unfortunately, sport is a part of politics, no matter what anyone says. Sport is a political tool that influences people’s opinions and attitudes. For example, no one knew about Belarus until Daria Domracheva started winning many medals. And before that, they did not know where Belarus is located. What is it, no matter how part of the policy. For the recognition of the country and its influence in the world, sport plays an important role. Sports in our countries are financed by the state. Therefore, she sees the point in investing in athletes who represent the country in international arenas and increase its weight with their victories. Whatever one may say, this is one of the instruments of politics.

As for the non-admission to the Olympics, I think this is the right decision, at least for the next Olympics. There has to be something to wake people up. Motivate them to take action. It’s always easy to sit somewhere in the middle. You can always try to sit on two chairs. But one must understand that the challenges of the time are such that you must show your specific position: either you are there or here. I think that the countries that support the removal of athletes from Russia and Belarus from the Olympics are doing the right thing, unfortunately.

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2023-02-17 13:28:00


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