journalist Mikhail Shapovalov: “Lomachenko is a clinic” – CBS TV STREAMS editor Mikhail Shapovalov defended Ukraine from the first days of a full-scale war. Mikhail has already received the rank of lieutenant and is defending Ukraine in the east of the country. In a conversation with our colleagues from the site, he told which of the Ukrainian athletes during the invasion of the Russians pleasantly surprised him.

“If I followed everyone so carefully… Lomachenko is a clinic. I don’t want to talk about him at all, either as an athlete or as a person.

I really liked the tennis player Sergei Stakhovsky, his behavior. When most of the athletes and celebrities at the beginning of the war took pictures with machine guns for a couple of weeks and returned to their business, Sergey fully joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and is now defending his country “as expected.”

Although I have followed sports and athletes very little over the past year, so I don’t know much. Maybe Lomachenko is already storming the draft board, setting an example for others? Just kidding, of course,” said Mikhail Shapovalov.

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2023-02-16 21:10:00


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