The Croatian club fined the Ukrainian footballer. What happened?

Croatian football club Osijek suspended 25-year-old Ukrainian defender Evgenia Cheberko from the first team to a special order, and also fined him.

The fact is that earlier Cheberko told the head coach of Osijek that he was not ready to play in the match of the 27th round of the Croatian championship against Rijeka (1: 1) after the club rejected an offer for a player from one of the MLS teams.

Osijek official statement:

“Evgeniy Čeberko has been fined in accordance with the club’s regulations and will train separately from the team until further notice after he told coach Borimir Perković that he was not ready to play against Rijeka and that he did not want to travel with the team.

This reaction came after last week received an official offer from a foreign club. It was rejected as the club is going through a delicate moment of the season in an attempt to stabilize results and secure a third-place finish.

Since the player insisted on leaving, he was offered a transfer after the end of the championship, to which he did not agree.

Osijek has always had a fair relationship with the player, the club has no debts to the player, the club showed great responsiveness in a situation where the player’s homeland was in the maelstrom of war, and as a sign of support the player was the team captain in the game against Varazdin.

The only thing we asked for in return was a professional relationship, which, obviously, on the eve of one of the most important games of the season, we did not receive. Any kind of blackmail, playing with the club’s reputation or putting one’s own interests ahead of the interests of the club is unacceptable.”

In 2021, Čeberko moved to Osijek on loan from LASK, and in early 2022 he signed a full contract with the Croatian club. In total, Evgeniy played 33 matches for Osijek in 2 seasons, but did not score any goals.

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2023-04-04 19:12:00

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