“The guys are ready to fight for a good result” – CBS TV STREAMS

The head coach of the Ukrainian men’s biathlon team Juraj Sanitra shared his expectations from the relay race at the 2023 World Championships in Oberhof, Germany.

“The guys are ready to fight for a good result. Conditions – it is not clear how it will be, because when shooting, the wind blows from the left and right. Much will depend on how the guys will react to this situation. The track, I think, is not bad, because the organizers did everything to make it ready for the start.

It is difficult today to say what to expect from this start, because everything will depend on the happiness and intelligence of our athletes. This is not about who is ready and how, but simply who will be happy during the shooting, he will be high today.

Prima has been preparing for this particular start for 4-5 days, what he saw in training yesterday and today, he is very focused on doing everything so that our start of the relay race is the best, so that the guys can then fight for a good result,” Sanitra said.

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2023-02-18 17:13:00


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