“The men’s team has shown that it will be very strong” – CBS TV STREAMS

The head coach of the Ukrainian men’s biathlon team Juraj Sanitra spoke about the progress of his wards.

“Anton Dudchenko has made great progress from season to season. He has a good functional and mental potential to move into the future. I think that good competition in the team also helps him, there are good leaders – Pidruchny and Prima, there is someone to learn from, there are also athletes behind him.

I think the men’s team, despite all these problems, has shown that it will be very strong. Seven athletes this season have won points at the World Cup – this is already an indicator that we have a good team.

When we made the composition of the relay, we proceeded from what we saw in the individual race two days before. As for the condition of the athletes, I can say that the guys used their opportunity. It’s also good that we had a strong Tsymbal in reserve, as well as Dmitry Pidruchny. I’m glad that Artem Tishchenko got up, especially with the move, because last season he had problems.

But Denis Nasiko surprised us that this is the third relay race in which he helped us achieve such a result. Anton Dudchenko showed that he can be a finisher, a leader, because he coped with strong psychological pressure and pulled the team from eighth to fifth place at the last shooting,” Sanitra said.

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2023-03-13 20:40:00


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