“The national team’s minimum task is to maintain a residence permit in the top division”

At the beginning of the day, the youth women of the Ukrainian national team WU-19 in Denmark took part in the matches of League A in the other qualifying round Euro 2023 WU-19. Head coach of the Ukrainian national team Valery Palamarchuk rozpov_v:

– Before Denmark, it is 31 days in transit through Poland. Usyi in the warehouse of the Ukrainian delegation 20 players and senior representatives of the coaching and administrative staff.

– Far away to ask for all the strongest graves of the age category?

– Unfortunately, Ruslan Levchenko from Kryvbas and Viktoria Lavrenyuk from Veresu cannot be helped through injuries. They replaced Veronica Borkowska with Ladomira and Oleksandr Yanev with Italian Parmi. Stink, before the speech, 2005 to the fate of the people, and I support that the accumulations of international knowledge will help them to be visible already in the attack on the European forum.

– Oskіlki, okrіm legionnaires, reshta of your children defending the colors of Ukrainian elite clubs, for which the season has already started, then it is not possible to comment on the day of playing practice …

– Make a move. With the success of the matches in the Cherg round, which will be on the 30th of January, the majority of the girls will have three or three calendar fights. We managed to hold official matches and our football players who play outside the cordon. Until the speech, the stench is far from Danії samotuzki.

It’s a pity, the choice of Ukraine has not yet been chosen for the leadership of our supergirls. It remains to be decided that we will productively conduct a short-hour election for the cob of the day, organizing the start of support for the Danish Football Union.

– Will you be deployed in Denmark?

– At the town of Kege, in which we will hold our first fights – with Swedes and danks. I only played in the final round with the Icelanders in Brøndby.

– Information about the possible opponents of the Volodya?

– Grih narikat. We have video recordings of all the high quality control matches of supernits. Together with my assistants, we have already analyzed in detail and analyzed the entries, and now it is important not to have mercy on the strategy and tactics in the quarterly confrontation.

– Our choice will have a chance to play with the football players of three pine lands at once, as if children are practicing in the so-called English style…

– Deisno, the future vizavi often take on a violent manner, zhorstko press, zalyubki koristuyutsya long riding gears. The axis of which is already richly stale, in view of the fact that we overestimate our opponents at the speed.

– Most of the experts in their forecasts shirk to the point that the share of a single ticket to the final part of the EURO in the group is in opposition to the state gifts and the Swedes…

– You know, I’m more anxious to see what chances there are in our participants before the starting whistle. To that nalashtovuvatim of their podopichnyh, aby stinks in skin match showed their best vibes. And the minimum task for the selected Ukraine is to save a residence permit in the elite division.

Warehouse of the youth women of the selected Ukraine WU-19

GatesCast: Marina Dudnik (Kolos Kovalivka), Varvara Novikova (Ladomir Volodymyr), Katerina Boklach (Grenoble, France).
Zahisniki and pivzahisniki: Tetyana Bondarenko (Dynamo Kyiv), Dariya Borisyuk (Kolos Kovalivka), Lesya Olkhova, Dayana Semkiv (offensive – Kryvbas Kryviy Rig), Sofia Lutsan (Vorskla Poltava), Dilyara Bondareva (EMS-Podillya) Vinnytsya), Elizaveta Molodyuk (“Shakhtar” Donetsk), Bozena Dub, Miroslava Nevar, Olena Yefimchuk, Veronika Borkovska (usi – “Ladomir” Volodymyr), Maria Taleb (“Sampdoriya” / “Tavanyakko”, Italy), Oleksandra Yaneva (“ Parma, Italy), Valeria Gresa (Wippingen, Switzerland).
attackers: Viktoria Radionova (Vorskla, Poltava), Liliana Serbuk (Kolos, Kovalivka), Inna Glushchenko (Reims, France).

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