The Polish national team will boycott the World Boxing Championship due to the admission of the Russians – CBS TV STREAMS

The Polish Boxing Association has joined the boycott of the World Championships for women and men this year due to the planned participation of rf and rb under their national flags.

“We are one of the first sports associations that, after the start of the war in Ukraine, decided that we would not compete in competitions where Russians and Belarusians would participate.

Since then, we have not adopted a new resolution, so the old one remains in force. We are consistent in our actions,” said Maciej Demel, Vice President of the Polish Boxing Association.

Earlier, the boycott was announced by the United States, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Canada, Sweden and the Netherlands.

Both world boxing championships will be held in the spring: women’s – from March 15 to 26 in New Delhi, men’s – from May 1 to 14 in Tashkent.

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2023-02-21 15:01:00


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