“The weather did not prevent shooting at zero, but fatigue affected” – CBS TV STREAMS

Biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Anton Dudchenko commented on the 20th place in the pursuit race at the 2023 World Championships.

– Comment on your shooting – two misses and both on the rack.
– These were my mistakes, I was already a little tired, so like this. There was fog again at zeroing, but before the race it cleared up, and the weather did not interfere with shooting at zero, but fatigue had an effect, so I missed a little on the rack.

– At least for one place, but did you manage to improve the result, or are you satisfied with the start?
– In principle, I am satisfied with the result. Of course, it would be better to pass standing shooting. But at a distance I felt rather hard, I felt tired from yesterday’s race, but in general the result is not so bad.

– You analyze the race with the coach, and yet, in your personal opinion, what did you manage to do well?
– Of course, we are discussing the race with the coach. What did you do well? Probably, this is a prone shooting, which went to zero. This is one of the main successful moments.

And as for the distance, as I already said, it was quite difficult, I felt tired, so I can’t say anything specifically.

– Do you feel the difference between the World Cup races and the World Championships?
– It feels like this is the World Cup, everyone is set to the maximum, everyone is running from the very start, no one is trying to save energy for the last laps. You can feel the atmosphere of the World Cup, where everyone wants to show their maximum result.

– How did our fans work – did they see, hear, feel support?
– During the race, I did not see them, but I heard that they support us, it is very nice and adds strength. It is always very nice to see and hear Ukrainian fans on the track, – said Dudchenko.

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