“There is a crisis and generational change in the women’s team” – CBS TV STREAMS

President of the Biathlon Federation of Ukraine Ivan Krulko compared the results in the men’s and women’s teams.

“We have a situation with the men’s team, although historically in the Ukrainian biathlon it was the opposite – women performed better.

Today is Yuray Sanitra’s birthday – I think that he contributed to the fact that we have a galaxy of young biathletes in the main team.

As for women, we have a crisis and a generational change that is visible to the naked eye. What will happen next – we’ll wait and see, after the season we will announce everything for the fans and the media.

We are working to strengthen approaches to the work of the women’s team in terms of coaching potential,” Krulko said.

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2023-02-21 13:57:00


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