“There was more carrot than stick. Now let’s move on to the whip”

Head coach of Rivne “Veres” Yuri Wirth commented on the game of the wards in the lost match against Kryvbas.

– Positional attacks are not our forte. Almost all Kryvbas players tried to play tight near their penalty area. Such a massive defense is very difficult to overcome. It was necessary to work more on the flanks, but for some reason we played mainly through the center. As I did not suggest to play more on the flanks, they acted incorrectly. We wanted more creativity, and the game we performed was mostly straightforward.

Valeriy Kucherov entered the game today, one might say, on injections. We are experiencing staffing issues. There is not a large selection of performers. In addition, there are players who go out and bring two goals for themselves.

Short bench, there is no one to strengthen the game. If two or three players drop out, this is a problem. Denis Balan could not help us today, Gennady Pasich was forced to play as a right back. I really want all the players to be in the ranks until the next game.

With all due respect to the opponent, we should not have lost. But the second serious attack of “Kryvbas” – and we are immediately punished. Although we noted during the analysis that it is this zone that needs to be especially controlled. Play on the opponent’s players. And the second goal was conceded in the same way. Opponents very quickly punish us for such mistakes.

We went to the game with great desire. But desire and skill are two different things.

There is a good game, but there is no result. I would like the players to be responsible for the game. They are in front of me, and I already answer to the president. Let’s talk seriously now. Because for some reason the players are not the same as they were last year. Perhaps this is my responsibility. For there was more gingerbread than a stick. Now let’s move on to the whip. Because there are players who do not improve. I do not like it. But, unfortunately, now we can no longer add anyone. We will play with these players.

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2023-04-01 16:52:00

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