“There’s enough room in the awards locker for three more Globes” – CBS TV STREAMS

Norwegian biathlete Johannes Boe commented on the victory in the sprint at the last stage of the World Cup in Holmenkollen.

“This year, after each victory, I tried not to think about the overall result, I immediately tuned in to the next start. But now I have gold medals in all sprints of the season, 8 races in a row is fantastic.

I was lucky, the course of the coronavirus was mild. I felt healthy already on the second day of the sick leave, but I played it safe and was in isolation for five days.

After two negative tests, I started light training and hoped that the physical form would be in order. I could have returned already in Östersund, but given the cold weather, it was risky.

During the season, I was confident in my abilities and aspired to win every time I went to the start.

Mental fortitude and a thirst for victory led me to the finish line in difficult moments of complete exhaustion. I just kept moving and hoped for a good result at the finish line.

I’ve been doing an audit at home – there’s enough room in the awards locker for three more Globes. So this year there will be no problems – the Big and Small Globes for sprints and pursuits will find their place, but for future trophies another room will be needed, ”said Johannes Boe.

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2023-03-17 08:30:00


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