“Those who think that Fury will wipe the floor with Usyk are mistaken” – CBS TV STREAMS

Heavyweight Joe Joyce, who is waiting for his chance to enter the title fight, is convinced Tyson Fury will not have an easy fight against Oleksandr Usyk.

“Usyk showed himself in the second fight with Joshua. He immediately began to carry out blows, almost the entire fight controlled the situation, moved perfectly. Fury, of course, is taller and has more arm span, but it will not be easy for him. Usyk has an insane record, including 350 amateur bouts and great performances in cruiserweight and heavyweight after that.”

“He’s really good, and those who think that Fury will wipe the floor with Mustache are mistaken,” Joyce said.

A fight for all heavyweight titles could take place in April or May.

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2023-02-21 23:11:00


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