“Time to make an appointment with a psychotherapist” – CBS TV STREAMS

Biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Anastasia Merkushina spoke about her psychological state due to criticism in social networks.

“It feels like it’s time to make an appointment with a psychotherapist. Suffice it to say that the third night I can’t sleep properly.

It’s hard to bear. So there is an option to distance yourself from all this, as some of the older girls in the national team did a long time ago, deleting their accounts from all publics. They don’t even buzz biathlon so as not to see, read or hear anything, they don’t give interviews to anyone and in no way. Perhaps this is the right tactic, because you get such a flurry of hatred that just knocks you down. This affects both the quality of your life and your athletic performance.

It is already hard for us psychologically, as it is for every Ukrainian, because there is a war going on in the country. You are insanely motivated, you think, now I will tear everyone apart, this is for our people, this is for the sake of Ukraine.

And you go to the start and it’s difficult for you, because, firstly, it’s a big responsibility, and secondly, it’s restless at home, and you think about all the lives that this war took, about how much everything was destroyed. And when hatred is added from those people for whom you are trying, it just knocks the ground out from under your feet, ”said Merkushina.

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2023-02-22 18:32:00


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