“Tishchenko performs very well in Canmore” – CBS TV STREAMS

Head coach of the Ukrainian biathlon team Juraj Sanitra spoke about whether Artem Tishchenko will go to the World Cup.

“Artem Tishchenko is performing very well in Canmore. He was able to transport a good form in shooting overseas and can compete with the top athletes of the IBU Cup in speed. Therefore, I am glad that there is such an athlete at the competitions there.

There are questions regarding his entry into the World Cups. It is not easy to do this in terms of organization, flights and weapons permits. So we haven’t thought about it yet. Everything can change, you need to wait for the start of the main team in the Czech Nove Mesto. Then we will make a decision. After all, there may be some unexpected problems that are impossible to determine now,” Sanitra said.

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2023-03-02 21:00:00


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