Tommy Fury was knocked down, but defeated blogger Jake Paul on points – CBS TV STREAMS

On the evening of February 26, an interesting boxing evening ended in the city of Ed-Diriya (Saudi Arabia).

Famous blogger met in the main event Jake Paul from USA (6–0, 4 KOs) and Tommy Fury from Great Britain (8–0, 4 KOs), younger half-brother of WBC world champion Tyson Fury.

A day earlier, at the weigh-in, Jake Paul showed 83 kg on the scales, and Tommy Fury – 83.4 kg. The fight took place in the format of 8 rounds.

The fight of these boxers broke down twice already. In 2021, Fury withdrew from the fight due to a rib injury. A year later, Fury was unable to attend the duel as he was denied entry to the US. And finally, the audience saw an interesting fight.

At first, the fight took place approximately on an equal footing. In the fifth round, Paul lost a point for an illegal blow to the back of the head. In the 6th round, Fury landed a strong uppercut, jab and repeated uppercut. A bruise began to form under Paul’s left eye.

In the 7th three-minute period, a tough exchange of blows began. Fury landed punches quickly and deftly. A cut opened around Fury’s left eye, resulting from a head-on collision.

And unexpectedly, Jake Paul knocked down an opponent when he caught Fury. The Briton lost his balance and fell, but quickly got up and launched a serious attack.

At the end of 8 rounds, the opinion of the judges was divided: 75–74 for Paul, 76–73 for Fury, 76–73 for Fury. The British won by split decision.

Fury won the 9th victory and remained with zero in the defeat graph. Jake Paul, despite the knockdown for the opponent, has the first fiasco in the passive.

Tommy Fury (Great Britain, 8–0, 4 KOs) – Jake Paul (USA, 6–0, 4 KOs) – SD 8 (74–75, 76–73, 76–73)

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