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Transcarpathian Football Association denied Andriyuk’s information about Pavelko


The Transcarpathian Football Association responded to the journalist Konstantin Andriyukwho claimed that a vote of no confidence in the UAF President Andriy Pavelko was announced in Transcarpathia.

“Today, information was published in the Telegram channel of Konstantin Andriyuk that following the results of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Transcarpathian Football Association yesterday, “no confidence was raised against the current chairman of the UAF Andrey Pavelko and demanded his resignation.

We officially announce that all information regarding the agenda of the meeting of the ZAF Executive Committee dated November 30, 2022 and the results of its consideration was posted on the website of the regional association in the corresponding press release. The list of these issues did not contain an item regarding the evaluation of the activities of the President of the UAF. Therefore, the information provided by Mr. Andriyuk is frankly untrue.

We ask the author of this publication, just as publicly as he distributed it, to refute his false message and apply with a corresponding refutation to the media that have already distributed it,” ZAF said in a statement.

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2022-12-01 22:18:00

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