“Usyk and Fury can agree in 5 minutes” – CBS TV STREAMS

Oleksandr Usyk’s manager, Egis Klimas, commented on negotiations over the fight against Tyson Fury:

“If you leave Usyk and Fury in the same room, they can agree in 5 minutes. But there are a lot of people around them. 50 to 50 is a fair distribution of the fee. 75 to 25 in favor of Usyk? I’m not greedy, so I would say 60/40 in favor of Alexander.

The people around them are trying to grab on to different deals, which is why you see all this absurdity. As for the fighters, they both want to box. Fury is a fighter, you can’t say he’s afraid.”

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2023-02-18 15:40:00


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