VIDEO. Kabayel, rising from a knockdown, knocked out an opponent from Croatia – CBS TV STREAMS

German heavyweight Agit Kabayel (23-0, 15 KOs) confidently defeated the Croatian boxer Agron Smakici (19-2, 17 KOs) in the main fight of the boxing evening in Bochum, Germany.

In the second round, Kabael went to the canvas, but got up after a knockdown and managed to knock out his opponent in the next three minutes.

Note that in this fight, the vacant belt of the European champion according to the EBU version in heavyweight was played.

Agit Kabayel (23-0) with a TKO-victory in round 3 against Agron Smakici (19-2) after a knockdown in round 2. That was a wild heavyweight-bout in Bochum, Germany.

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