VIDEO. Managed the cat. Wladimir Klitschko tested the Leopard tank in Germany – CBS TV STREAMS

Famous Ukrainian boxer Vladimir Klichko tested the Leopard tank at the German test site and said:

“24 February. A year ago, I would not even have thought that I would manage such a “cat”. Year of the war in Ukraine. Year of suffering. A year since our willpower has become stronger than ever. As strong as this tank.

Thanks Germany. Thanks to the free world for what you are doing for us Ukrainians. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!”

Leopard tanks from Germany are being prepared for shipment to Ukraine. The fighters are learning how to manage them and will soon return to Ukraine. The technology will come.

Leopard tanks from Nimechchin are being prepared before being sent to Ukraine. Our fighters are learning to control them and are unable to turn to Ukraine. Arrive and technology.

Volodymyr @Klitschko at the test site in Nymechchyna, having tested “cats”, which are minted like this in Ukraine.

— Vitaliy Klychko (@Vitaliy_Klychko) February 24, 2023

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2023-02-25 03:23:00


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