“We can rejoice in the results in individual races” – CBS TV STREAMS

The head coach of the Ukrainian men’s biathlon team, Juraj Sanitra, assessed the performance of Ukrainian biathletes in individual races and relay races at the World Championships, which took place in Oberhof, Germany.

“I think it’s no longer worth saying what situation we were in during the preparation for this World Cup, but in general during this season. It could be a very long conversation that we can record at the end of the season.

For this World Cup: we can rejoice in the results in individual races. The first result was Pidruchny’s fifth place, then eighth, followed by Artem Tishchenko’s 12th place in the individual race and Anton Dudchenko’s 21st place in the sprint. If you look at personal performances, then I can be satisfied with how they fought in these difficult conditions.

More expected from team starts. I must say that they did not show themselves as it was necessary in the single mixed, mixed, and men’s relay races. There they had to fight for higher positions. In general, I will say that the first half of the World Cup was very good, but the second half was not. But I think that the mass start, where we had two athletes, and could have had three, showed that we can fight for good positions in these difficult conditions,” Sanitra said.

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2023-02-19 23:32:00


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