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The biathlete of the Ukrainian national team Bogdan Tsymbal commented on the 6th place in the mixed relay at the seventh stage of the World Cup in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic.

– At the last firing line, it was not possible to make good shooting. It seems to me, because on the first and second laps I tried to catch up with my rivals. On the second lap I got a little fed up, and it seems to me that this failed on the firing line. Couldn’t handle it, it’s frustrating. But I’m glad we’re sixth, it’s a very good position for us this year.

– You showed high speed today. What are your impressions of working on the track?
– Today the skis were very good. I liked their work. I felt good, as well as in the sprint and in the pursuit. Today is a short race, it suits me, I can do my best. I was ready for this race, and I am pleased that I was combat-ready, could work to the last, and at the finish lap fight with a German and a Canadian. It is a pity that I could not get to Eder.

– You are very fond of contact racing, just yesterday you said that you would like more contact wrestling. Was she today?
– Yes, I like contact racing, but only when you can fight. When you can work yourself and sit behind someone behind your back. It’s inspiring. I like wrestling, and I thought that we would wrestle to the last meters of the finish line today and throw a run. But he simply overtook his rivals and drove to the finish line. It’s nice. It’s nice that I was able to endure until the end, it’s very cool.

– Today’s start is rather inspiring or is there a disappointment?
– More inspiring. I can’t say that I’m disappointed because this year I can’t run well. Today I liked my run, I liked the way I shot, of course, except for the last frontier. This is inspiring, we have something to work on and we are moving in the right direction.

– Next stop in Östersund. How are you going to Sweden?
– We are going to Sweden in a good mood. There will be an individual race first. It is necessary to shoot well, but the speed must also be no worse. I think we can still fight. We have a lot of work to do, we still need to keep our position in the Nations Cup. And the individual race is included in the standings. And then there will be a relay race. We will still fight and we will be able to show good results.

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