“We were invited to the upcoming Blink Festival” – CBS TV STREAMS

The captain of the men’s biathlon team of Ukraine Dmitry Pidruchny spoke about his communication with the organizer of the Blink festival and ex-coach of the Norwegian national team Arne Idland.

– I know, you talked with the representative of the Norwegian festival Blink. What was it about, were you invited to participate in it?
– Yes, I have been communicating with the representative of this festival, Arne Idland, since the beginning of the war. We met on social networks when he sent me words of support. He said that Ukrainian athletes can count on them if something is needed. And later he invited me to the Blink festival. But, unfortunately, it was not possible to leave for Norway, because at that time it was quite difficult to leave the country.

Everything was very tough, and the short time did not allow to accept this proposal. But our communication continued, we keep in touch from time to time. And in Oberhof, Anton Dudchenko and I were invited to a meeting with the Norwegian team. We talked about a lot. Of course, about the war. Anton told his story, because he lives very close to the border with Russia. We tried to convey to them information about what is happening, how we train. They asked a lot of questions.

It was a pretty good meeting. We were pleased to hear words of support. And there we were again invited to the future festival. We gave them the flag of Ukraine with the signatures of our team members. They promised that this flag would hang in their office as a reminder of our country, that they are with us.

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2023-02-28 15:33:00


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